Maslow vs Gen X

beinggen xHow to Make Peace When Gen X Parents & Gen Z Kids Go to War

How two unsuspecting Generation X parents found themselves at war with their two Generation Z kids, and the surprising approach they took to bring peace...

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beinggen x (2)The Four New Secrets to Happiness

You tried self help and your life still looks like it always has? Traditional self help is useless in the Brave-emoji New World we live in. We need self help tailored for the #moreblessedthanyou modern era. Fortunately, the new secrets to happiness are right in front of us.

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beinggen x (1)Crush Fear the Skydiver Way

Skydivers know they don’t have time to think when they’re spinning under a malfunctioning parachute, soiling themselves and crying for their mums. So they don’t even try. Here’s how they beat fear and find their inner action hero.

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how to have an epiphanyHow to Have an Epiphany (And Do Something About It)

Ever had an epiphany? A moment when something you heard or saw or thought changed your life? These Hall of Fame moments are as rare as finding true love (after those other ‘true loves’ tanked) or spotting a park in front of the post office. What if you could induce epiphanies?

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