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Do You Need A Will? Don’t Die Wondering

Thought much about dying? Not the bit where the piano falls on your head (or squashes you mid coitus – more on that later), the bit afterwards where your loving family tears itself apart in a bare-knuckle fight over your mortal estate. Here’s how to avoid the drama when you finally tap out. Read more

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Mum, If I’m So Special Why Aren’t I Rich

Remember when mum used to say you could be anyone you wanted to be? How’d that turn out for you? Here’s what mum didn’t tell you (and how to fix it). Read more 


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Four Things to do Before You See a Financial Advisor

Good financial advisers are worth their weight in gold, which is about what they charge. Do these four things to make sure you get your money’s worth. Read more  


beinggen x (1)Gen X, We Need to Talk About Euthanasia

When respected scientist Dr David Goodnall flew across the world to end his 104-year-old life, he sent a powerful message: my life, my right to die. Advances in longevity will mean our kids will routinely live as long as Goodnall. In the meantime, we need to talk about euthanasia.  Read more 


being gen x1Being Gen X (part 1)

It wasn’t easy growing up Gen X; ‘rocking out’ to Wham, flapping around in parachute pants, pretending you cared what happened on 90210. Stuck between Baby Boomer parents and Millennial kids, Gen Xers have matured into a new, less blow-dried, set of challenges. And some sweet ass benefits too…  Read more

being gen x2Being Gen X (part 2)

Where next for Generation X? Surely, we just need to look at our Baby Boomer parents to see what’s in store for us – after all, they’re us in 20 years right? Turns out there are some powerful forces (no, not Putin or Zuckerberg or The Dark Side; think social and technological) at play that may be steering us towards a different future. Read more


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